Printed Rib Knit Fabric Can Be the Key to Consumers’ Hearts

Printed rib knit fabric is a versatile star player that is a particular favorite for athleisurewear and loungewear. From elastic waistbands in yoga pants to leggings, sweatbands, and more, rib knit fabric provides a comfortable yet form-fitting look that protects the wearer’s modesty and allows for a full range of motion.

Rib Prints in Every Color

Consumers want many things: comfort, of course, but also variety and looks that help them to stand apart from the crowd. From cheetah print to florals and from camos to stripes, incorporating a wide range of rib prints and other fabrics into your designs can take you a long way towards a collection that captivates fashion-forward consumers.

Reliable Access to Fabric Is Just as Important as the Fabric Itself

In today’s world of fashion, the line between gym wear and comfortable casual wear for the home has begun to blur – so any designer or retailer looking to stay in the fashion game has no choice but to keep printed rib knits in their cabinet. Having a reliable source of rib print fabrics at your fingertips can make all the difference.

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