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Wholesale Linen Fabric

Aside from cotton, linen fabric is one of the best fabrics in the world if you’re looking for comfort and ease. Search For Fabric has a wide range of linen you can choose from – including fabrics with a softer texture and unique, fashion-forward prints. Here, you can purchase from a collection of high-quality linen at great prices.

Uses of Linen Fabric

Also known as flax plant fabric, linen is widely used in garments of all types. Nearly all kinds of clothes – pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, full suits, and more – can be made from linen. Similar to cotton, linen can also be used to make all sorts of accessories.

If you are looking for a medium weight material for your next fashion line, Search For Fabric has all the high-quality linen fabric you could possibly need. Our linen is perfect for your large-scale sewing projects and clothing line requirements.

Why Choose Linen for Fashion Apparel?

Linen is a popular fabric choice for clothes. It was often the material of choice for clothing worn by royalty and nobility in past eras, as they were the ones who could afford its higher original price. Today, linen is an ideal fabric for everyday clothes for everyday people.

Cool and Breathable

Clothes made from linen fibers are perfect for those living in warmer climates. High-quality linens feel more comfortable to touch and wear than cotton, especially during the heat of summer. The fabric has a moisture-wicking ability, which helps you stay dry and cool. Linen is great for cold weather, too. Although light, linen has the natural ability to keep you warm.

Strength and Durability

Linen may have a breathable and soft texture, but it's also strong and durable. The fabric actually becomes stronger when wet. Even better, linen textiles soften after each washing. The material is also resistant to dirt and doesn't attract moths. It even has antibacterial properties, making it even more desirable for wearing in many different situations. 

Beautiful and Varied Colors

Linen fabric is made from all-natural fiber, meaning it is easy and convenient to dye it many different colors. You can find all sorts of beautiful and trending fabric designs among our inventory of linen fabrics.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale for Linen Clothing

If you are sewing linen clothing or accessories for yourself, especially one-off projects, then there's no problem with purchasing by the yard at its original price. However, if you make and sell clothes on your own or for an apparel business, then buying linen material wholesale for lower than the original price is much more economical and convenient.

Linen generally comes at a premium original price, due to limitations on where linen-producing flax plants grow. Producing high-quality linen products is a laborious process as well. This is why the original price of linen is higher than similar fabrics like cotton.

A yard of linen is typically sold at $5 to $12, depending on where you shop. Buying in bulk rather than per yard nets a lower price, helping you save on production costs.

Purchasing linen wholesale offers the following benefits:

  • A lower price per roll of fabric, compared to the original price per yard.
  • Abundant supply of fabric for your product line.
  • No need to purchase fabric as often.

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