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High-Quality Knit Fabric

Are you looking to purchase knitwear fabrics in bulk for your next project? Knit eyelet fabric is a lightweight, soft, and stretchy fabric that you can use to create various types of clothing or accessory items. Its structure adds a unique look to your designs, with its eyelet pattern adding an extra touch of style. Made from high-quality cotton, the knit fabric can be used to make beautiful garments like dresses, skirts, t-shirts, cardigans, and more.

A Wide Range of Wholesale Knits

If you want to create a fashionable new look, knits are suitable for any clothing design. We have an exclusive selection of knit fabrics in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Whether you need solid colors or prints, you can find the perfect knit fabric for your next clothing project. We offer bulk pricing on all items; any item can be purchased in large quantities by the roll.

Benefits of Knit Fabrics

There are many types of knitted fabrics, but one of the most interesting is the knit eyelet fabric. It’s a type of knit fabric that has a textured pattern, which allows for more stretch than most other fabrics. It’s a favorite among fashion designers due to its unique look, texture, and quality. It’s made by knitting threads together in a pattern that creates an open weave. This process makes the fabric very breathable and soft, but still allows it to retain its shape and structure.

Beyond that, here are some reasons why this type of knit fabric is perfect for creating fashionable clothes and other garments:


The fabric itself has some open weave sections with holes similar in size to those found in lace. This gives it a slightly see-through quality and allows air to circulate easily, making it great for warm-weather apparel, but still wearable in cool weather.

Comfortable and Flexible

It's made from high-quality, soft cotton to give better comfort and ease of use, while the knitted structure allows for garments to be flexible and durable.

Beautiful Weave

The weave of these knit fabrics creates an eyelet pattern that adds style and an extra layer of detail to any piece of garment.


The interlocking stitches around the eyelets create a tight weave, which gives the fabric strength and durability. The weave also helps prevent wrinkling, bunching, and shrinkage during washing.

Common Usage & Applications

Knit eyelet fabric is used in a wide range of applications, including clothing and accessories. However, its most common use is as an outer layer on women's summer dresses, skirts, and casual wear. They’re also used frequently in t-shirts, shorts, turbans, scarves, and much more. Occasionally, you'll see knit eyelet fabric in men's shirts too because they provide ventilation.

Besides summer garments, eyelet knits are also a popular choice as a layer under a sweater or over an undershirt. Similar to a jersey knit, they’re an ideal material for activewear.

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Our knits come in a variety of weights, prints, colors, and weaves. Whether you need them for your next designer collection or you want it in bulk for your customers, we have several designs and colors to suit your needs. 

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