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Hachi/Sweater Knit Fabric

A favorite in the fabric industry, hatchi knit fabric or sweater knit fabric is a fairly lightweight, but warm fabric that is suitable for making clothing items for people of all ages. The fabric is notable for its flexibility and colorfastness, mainly because of the use of advanced knitting techniques. If you have a fabric shop, a new collection, or a large sewing project, purchasing hatchi fabric wholesale can be a very economical idea. Explore our available inventories on this page or contact us for more information.

What Is Hatchi Fabric?

Hatchi, hachi, or hacci fabric (also known as sweater knits) is a type of knit fabric that has a loopy, open-knit texture and subtle stretch. It is often made with a blend of polyester, wool, spandex, or nylon. This versatile fabric can be used in the creation of various wearables. For example:

  • Cozy sweaters
  • Luxurious scarves and shawls
  • Winter and summer cardigans
  • Soft lounge pants

Hatchi fabrics are created using a weft-knit method which causes little or no torquing to the fabric. This technology method helps give a fine gauge knit that is warm, lightweight, and breathable. Besides, hachi fabrics are:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Machine-washable (in delicate cycle)
  • Wrinkle-resistant (maintains its shape)
  • As easy to sew with as regular knits
  • A low-cost material

Why Is Hacci a Favored Fabric of Consumers?

Hacci sweater knit has become increasingly popular among consumers for its versatility and trendiness. It is easy to see why a sweater knit fabric is a popular choice among retailers and customers alike. When compared to regular cotton knits, it delivers a soft, warm, comfortable, and luxurious feel. Plus, this material is ideal for kids and those with sensitive skin. It’s not difficult to see why even customers who prefer natural fabrics like to wear hacci knits.

In addition to comfortability, sweater knits are crease-resistant, which means garments made from them can be worn for a long time without losing their shape. Hachi fabric makes wrinkle-resistant clothes that drape snuggly across the body and keep it warm.

Hacci Knit Fabric By the Roll

When buying wholesale from Search for Fabric, you get the benefit of bulk prices. We have a variety of hacci sweater knit fabrics for you to choose from when planning your next order. We also carry a range of brushed hacci fabrics that are soft and smooth to the touch.

With decades of experience and vast knowledge of sweater knits, we choose designs are unique and fashion-forward, yet easy to work with and high quality.

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A hatchi sweater knit is a timeless material perfect for tops, dresses, scarves, and other wearables. Whether you are looking for a thicker knit or brushed hacci, you'll find the ideal fabric to create a wide variety of designs! Shop today!