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Rib Solids

Rib knit fabric is a popular material choice for a variety of projects. It is known for its striped look created by the different rows of "ribs" and has a stretchy, comfortable texture. When you choose rib fabric for a project, you have endless possibilities. A rib solid is fabric that comes in a singular, vivid color, but it could be any color imaginable.

Rib Knit Fabric: The Different Types and How They Are Used

There are several different types of rib knit fabrics, each with their own unique characteristics and uses. Here's a closer look at the different ribbed knit fabrics and how they can be used:

Different Types Of Rib Knit Fabrics

  • 1x1 Rib Knit Fabric: This is the most common type of fabric with ribbing, made by alternating one knit stitch followed by one purl stitch. It has a subtle ribbed texture and is often used for t-shirts, tank tops, and other lightweight garments.

  • 2x2 Rib Knit Fabric: This type of fabric features two knit stitches followed by two purl stitches. It has a more pronounced ribbed texture than 1x1 rib knit fabric and is often used for cuffs, collars, hems, and waistbands on heavy clothes like sweatshirts and jackets.

  • 3x3 Rib Knit Fabric: This type of fabric features three knit stitches followed by three purl stitches. It has an even more pronounced ribbed texture than 2x2 rib knit fabric and is often used for cuffs, collars, hems, and waistbands on winter clothes.

Different Weights and Textures of Rib Knits

In addition to different stitch patterns, rib knit fabrics also come in a variety of weights and textures.

  • Lightweight Rib Knit Fabric: This type of rib knit fabric is thin and has a lot of elasticity, making it perfect for lightweight garments like t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, and summer dresses.

  • Medium-Weight Rib Knit Fabric: This type of rib knit fabric is slightly thicker than lightweight rib knit fabric and has a more substantial feel. It's often used to create winter tops and bottoms, and lightweight cardigans.

  • Heavyweight Rib Knit Fabric: This type of rib knit fabric is the thickest of the three weights. It's perfect for winter sweaters, jackets, and coats.

Sewing Rib Knits With a Serger

Serging is a popular way to finish the edges of rib knit fabric, as it ultimately helps prevent fraying and creates a neat, professional-looking finish. Here's how to serge this fabric:

  1. Set up your serger: Make sure your serger is set up with the appropriate needles, thread, and tension settings for your rib knit fabric.

  2. Cut your fabric: Cut your rib knit fabric to the desired length, making sure to account for the extra length needed for the serged edge.

  3. Serge the edges: Serge around the edges of your rib knit fabric, trimming off any excess fabric as you go.

Sewing Rib Knits With A Sewing Machine

When it comes to sewing rib knits with a regular sewing machine, there are a few tricks to keep in mind that make it easier. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use a ballpoint needle: Rib knit fabric is stretchy, and using a regular sewing needle can cause skipped stitches and fabric damage. A ballpoint needle is designed to move between the knit stitches, rather than piercing through them, which will prevent damage to the fabric.

  2. Use the right stitch: A stretch stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch are good options for sewing rib knit fabric. These stitches will allow the fabric to expand without breaking the thread.

  3. Use the right tension: When sewing this fabric, it's important to adjust the tension on your sewing machine. Too much tension can cause the fabric to pucker or warp, while too little tension can cause the stitches to come out.

  4. Use a walking foot: A walking foot is a special foot that helps feed the fabric evenly through the sewing machine. It can help prevent stretching and puckering in rib knit fabric.

  5. Practice on scraps: Before sewing your project, it's always a good idea to practice on scraps of the same fabric. This will allow you to make adjustments to your stitching and tension before working on the final piece.

Rib knit fabric is a versatile and popular fabric that can be used for a variety of projects.

Solid rib knit fabric is a classic and timeless choice for many different types of clothing and other items. The different weights and textures of rib knits offer a wide range of options for various applications.

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