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Buy Lace Fabric for Classically Gorgeous Garments

Lace fabric has been a staple material in dressmaking and fashion throughout history. This textile has a web-like appearance that is delicate and dainty. It is also transparent in parts. Due to these properties, lace fabric is used to accentuate and decorate dresses, blouses, skirts, jackets, accessories, and other types of garments. 

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Lace Fabric: Facts and Unique Characteristics

Historically, lace fabric has been seen as a status symbol. In the past, it took great effort to add the pattern that makes each piece unique, which meant that every yard was very expensive. When the industrial revolution came, manufacturing the fabric became a lot easier and the price dipped. Today, many regard lace fabric as old-fashioned, but it has its place in the modern fashion industry.

Sheer and Delicate

The most universal characteristics of lace fabric are its delicacy and airiness. Thanks to the way the material is constructed, lace is practically transparent. There are only a few varieties that are almost opaque, but often not completely. Lace is often used as a decorative material for blouses, skirts, and other fashion items since it doesn't really cover anything on its own. It won't feel uncomfortable as a secondary fabric as it's extremely breathable.


Stretch lace fabric is popular in the contemporary era because of its flexibility and versatility. Lace is naturally more stretchable than other types of fabric because of how it's woven. This allows for more freedom of movement for the wearer. On the production side, lace is much easier to sew and incorporate into more complex designs. Lace fabric can even be used in lingerie, pajamas, and swimwear.

Popular Types

Many kinds of lace emerged over the years across various cultural groups. Today, these are the most popular kinds of lace fabric:

  • Bobbin Lace
  • Knitted Lace
  • Beaded Lace
  • Embroidered Lace
  • Needle Lace
  • Chemical Lace
  • Fully-Patterned Lace

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