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Nothing is more enjoyable in the colder months than a sweater, jacket, pajamas, or other items of clothing made from soft fleece materials. With a napped surface and insulating qualities, fleece is a perfect fabric for cold weather. You might be familiar with several kinds of fleece used for sewing projects, including plush fleece, minky fleece, blizzard fleece, and so on.

Fleece effectively preserves body heat. Although it feels fuzzy to the touch and is named after the fleece coat on sheep, textile fleece is 100% synthetic and made from polyester rather than wool. This magical material's incredible softness, warmth, and breathability make it ideal for cozy clothing, outerwear, and accessories. It's also a fun fabric to add texture to crafts!

What Material Is Used to Make Fleece Fabric?

Generally, polyester is used to make fleece fabric. The polyester fibers are woven into a thin cloth that is brushed to give the fibers more volume. Other natural fibers like wool, cotton, or rayon can be mixed with fleece to give the material a particular texture. It can also be produced from recycled plastics, such as water bottles, giving it a cost-effective advantage while also being environmentally beneficial.

Advantages of Fleece Fabric

The benefits of fleece are numerous during cooler weather. Adults, kids, and individuals of all genders prefer the material because it keeps them warm and safe from the chill. With more than 20 years in business, Search for Fabric has a wealth of experience in sourcing a collection of fleece fabrics that are high caliber, distinctive, fashionable, and on-trend at a great price.

Excellent Resistance to Wear and Tear

The best polyester fibers are used to create our fleece fabric, which works well in chilly climates in more ways than one. A piece of fleece fabric has great water resistance features and keeps in body heat. During cold hikes or winter adventures, jackets and outfits made with our fleece fabric can be the perfect outer or inner layers. Fleece fabric garments are made to withstand harsh weather and are durable enough to last for many years.

Dries Fast

One of the best product features of our fleece fabric is how quickly it dries. During the storm season, you can wear an outfit made with our fleece fabric almost every day because its microfibers are composed of polyester, which sheds water quickly.

Enhanced Comfort

Fleece is a very cozy yet lightweight winter clothing alternative. The fabric's material is specifically designed to provide warmth without becoming heavy. Our fleece fabric is pretty lightweight and has a soft, pleasant sensation against the skin. You can wear it out in the cold weather or while lounging at home!

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