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Garments made from rib knit fabrics are a staple in any wardrobe. Rib knits are incredibly versatile and come in more colors, patterns, textures, and weights to suit all occasions. Whether you're looking to make something lightweight for summer days or something thick and cozy for winter nights, rib knits have you covered.

Search For Fabric's wide selection of rib knit fabrics will give you plenty of options. Whatever pattern, cut, color, texture, or weight you need, you'll surely find it here! Our top-quality rib knit fabrics are ideal for creating stylish and comfortable pieces.

What Is Rib Knit Fabric?

Rib knit fabrics are tightly woven fabrics that have raised stripes. This distinct pattern gives rib knits their characteristic stretchy-but-snuggly feel, making them great for making form-fitting pieces such as dresses, skirts, shirts, and sweaters. The elasticity provides comfort and allows for easy movement, perfect for creating activewear such as leggings and socks. The material is also easy to wash – most can go through a normal wash cycle and tumble dry low cycle.

What Are the Different Types of Rib Knits?

There are different types of rib knit fabrics that have different stripe width – depending on the order of alternating knit and purl stitches.

  • A 1x1 rib knit has alternating knit and purl stitches in one-by-one order, creating an elastic fabric that is firmer than other rib knits.
  • A 2x2 rib knit has two knit stitches followed by two purl stitches, resulting in a soft and flexible material.
  • Other rib knits vary in the number of knit and purl stitches, such as 3x2 or 5x3. The more stitches in a rib knit, the thicker the fabric will be. 

There's also the tubular rib knit, a continuous tube of knitted fabric with no seams. Tubular rib knits are great for creating sportswear as they provide extra comfort and insulation because of their snug fit. Even if they are close to the skin, they still allow for breathability.

What Is the Difference Between Rib Knit and Ribbing Fabric?

Rib knits are used for creating an entire garment, while ribbing fabrics are a subtype of rib knit mainly sold for sewing neckbands, arm cuffs, waistbands, and hemline finishes. They usually come in tubular trims.

Rib knits can be used instead of ribbing fabric, but they provide less stretch. Ribbing fabric is not recommended for sewing a complete garment as it is too thick and sturdy and cannot be easily stretched.

How Can You Use a Rib Knit Fabric?

Ribbed fabric is exceptionally versatile. Here are some of the many ways to use them:

  • Lightweight rib knits: These are typically made from synthetic fibers and are perfect for creating lighter transitional clothing and activewear.
  • Medium-weight rib knits: These are used for most everyday garments, like your favorite shirt, since they are usually made of 100 percent cotton.
  • Heavyweight rib knits: These are thicker rib knits perfect for making sweaters, jackets, coats, scarves, and other outerwear.

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