Tie-Dye Fabric

Tie-dye fabric is famed for its groovy contribution to the fashion of the sixties and seventies, but the cheery pattern-style continues to be fashionable many decades on. While the psychedelic fabric has shifted to softer and more dreamy blends in recent years, the core tie-dye pattern will always be in style.

Get Wholesale Tie Dye Fabric from the Experts

If you need wholesale tie dye fabric for your brand’s collections, Search for Fabric has a wide array of tie dye prints and patterns. From grungy, dark shades with vivid contrasts to whimsical, multicolored mixes and even subtle, neutralized hues—we have virtually every type of tie-dye fabric there is to find!

Our Tie-Dye Collection

Tie-dye has lasted so long largely because of the endless possibilities contained within the style There’s no shortage of dying techniques that result in a plethora of different looks: brushed stripes, blotted spots, and even a watercolor look.

 At Search for Fabric, we understand how important variety is, in both style and material. While the most popular fabrics for tie-dye clothing might be soft cotton blends and jersey knit for active and loungewear, we know that there’s no limitation to what your designs might call for. After all, if you want your brand to stand out, innovation and creativity are crucial. We aim to give you the full range of choices you need to come up with exciting new selections.

 Along with an extensive selection of colors, patterns, and designs, our tie dye inventory includes the following fabrics:

  • Jersey knit
  • DTY brush knit
  • French terry
  • Fleece
  • Power mesh
  • Cotton spandex

The Wholesale Experts

As second-generation professionals who learned about fabrics while working with their parents’ firm, the founders of Search for Fabric have the hard-earned expertise needed when it comes to forecasting trends and sourcing the best fabrics. When you shop at Search for Fabric, you are sure to find the hottest tie dye patterns made from the best quality materials. With decades of experience in the wholesale world, Search for Fabric’s founders continues to provide their customers with the latest and best materials and fabrics, season after season.

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