Animal Print Fabric: Add Excitement to Your Collections

Animal fabric is an easy way to add depth and interest to even a very simple outfit. Although the exotic print may seem as vibrant and loud as trending materials like pastels and tie-dye, animal-patterned fabrics pair perfectly with more muted materials for a look that blends excitement with a more classic approach.

Popular Uses for Animal Fabric

There’s no shortage of ways you can incorporate wholesale animal fabric into your next collection. Here are some of the most popular uses for the exciting print:

Scarves, headwraps, and headbands: Whether it’s a cheetah pattern on a scarf or a zebra print on a hairband, animal prints work great as accent pieces.

Blouses and sweaters: A subtle animal print can enhance a lightweight blouse or add depth to a sweater. Pair it together with leather leggings and you’ve got a comfortable yet showstopping look!

Swimwear: Animal patterned swimwear is the perfect way to wear full snake or leopard print without going overboard. These bold swimwear sets will be sure to add a pop to those beach vacation photos.

Leggings: Take your athleisure or loungewear collection to the next level with comfortable yet stylish joggers and leggings.

Statement coats: Add a touch of animal fabric excitement to your collection with statement coats. A wild trench works well to balance out either monochromatic or otherwise plain outfits that are missing that special something.

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